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At I30.net, our goal is to provide clients with a professionally designed website that promotes the ideal image for your business or organization. Unfortunately we are currently not accepting new clients for web design or website hosting. Please browse our digital art and photography shops at Zazzle and Cafepress.

Many Internet service providers will build your website as a sideline to providing dial-up service. In many cases they simply use a web layout program out of the box, without the time or artistic expertise to formulate the unique site your organization deserves. Graphics are usually limited to what is available on clip art disks. Web construction programs generate pages with surplus coding, which translate to larger page files and longer download times.

I30.net focuses on web design and presentation. Your website is created by an artist and html programmer, not a machine. You would not call your dentist for heart surgery, so for a superior presence on the Internet you need an expert in web graphics.

A great website must be seen in order to be effective, therefore we use state-of-the-art web servers with 24/7 monitoring for optimal performance. Our site hosting plans are designed for every budget, ranging from inexpensive single-page virtual ads to complex business sites with hundreds to thousands of pages.